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Lebanon College To Close

West Lebanon, N.H., Valley News
August 19, 2014

Following years of economic turmoil, Lebanon College has canceled all of its classes for the upcoming fall semester in what is likely “the first step towards closing” the school, President Ron Biron said in an email Monday evening.

Harvey Mudd’s Klawe Maps Way to Woo Young Women Into Tech

August 19, 2014

Since Maria Klawe became president of Harvey Mudd College in 2006, the 800-student liberal arts college near Los Angeles has made tangible progress creating a blueprint for encouraging women to become computer scientists. Last year, more than half the school’s engineering majors were female for the first time. Women made up a record 47 percent of its computer science majors.

Call for Trustee Activism

Inside Higher Education
August 19, 2014

Citing a "failure of higher education governance," a group convened by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni has called on trustees to play a much more active role in overseeing their institutions. The group issued a report suggesting serious erosion in the quality of American higher education.

You're not imagining it: college textbooks prices are out of control

August 19, 2014

Students going back to college this month know that college textbooks are usually really expensive. And the problem is only getting worse according to a chart from the American Enterprise Institute's Mark Perry. The price of recreational books has fallen, relative to inflation, since 1998. New college textbooks, on the other hand, have increased much faster than inflation.

Allow student loan bankruptcies, but hold colleges accountable?

Deseret News
August 19, 2014

While making student loans bankruptcy-friendly became a cause célèbre on the left in the wake of Occupy Wall Street, in recent weeks the notion has found some support on the right as well. The catch is that some voices on the right suggest that the schools should be held accountable for the debt, not the taxpayer.

Boycott Battles Ahead

Inside Higher Education
August 19, 2014

The war in Gaza has spurred a flurry of statements and letters on the part of concerned academics -- and many expect debate about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to grow on U.S. campuses in the year ahead.

What Will a Liberal Arts Education Look Like in 50 Years?

The Atlantic
August 18, 2014

At this year's Aspen Ideas Festival, the Atlantic asked a group of academics within some of America's top universities to weigh in on the fate of higher education. "We won't have liberal arts and sciences at all 50 years from now unless we really understand how to save what's good, but reinvent what's new and needed," says Harvard University education professor Howard Gardner. Other panelists include Sebastian Thrun, Elisa New, Drew Faust, Erika Christakis, and Nicholas Dirks.

What Happened When A Student Told Her Campus Health Center She Was Sexually Assaulted

Huffington Post
August 18, 2014

Pace University forced the victim of an alleged sexual assault into an investigation, found the alleged rapist not responsible without saying why, and then attempted to require both students to attend a program on alcohol and date rape, a complaint filed with the Education Department claims.

New Directions for Higher Education: Q&A with Richard Ekman on Challenges, Misconceptions Facing Independent Colleges

New England Journal of Higher Education
August 18, 2014

Richard Ekman, president of the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC), offers insights on independent college and university institutional sustainability, misconceptions associated with private higher education, and the role private institutions play in enriching the lives of postsecondary students.

Football and Higher Education: Presidents Need to Speak Up and Speak Out

Huffington Post – Presidential Opinion
August 18, 2014

Southern Vermont College President Karen Gross writes about the need for college presidents to speak out about sexual violence towards women.  She says silence sends the wrong message.

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