HEA 101 Quick Guide



 The print publication HEA 101:  A President's Quick Guide to the New Law is available free of charge to NAICU member institutions.  E-mail hea101@naicu.edu to order copies.  The book's full contents are also available to members and non-members as a PDF file. The 24 topics below parallel those covered in NAICU's printed publication.

Each of the "Quick Takes" is structured to:  (1) give you a brief summary of the changes made by the new law; (2) tell you when each provision goes into effect; (3) suggest to you which offices on your campus you might need to involve in taking any necessary action; and (4) provide links to additional information (in most cases, including statutory language) on the HEA 101 Web site or from other sources.

Note that beyond these 24, other topics are addressed in the Additional Issues section of the site.



Disclosures/Reporting Requirements

 Student Aid and Admissions